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Choosing your real estate broker

It is important to judiciously choose the real estate broker you will entrust to handle what is probably the biggest investment of your life.

  • The real estate market is more difficult than it once was. What distinguishes him from others?
  • Why should you list your property with him?
  • Which marketing strategies has the broker orchestrated to make sure your home stands out from other similar ones?
  • What is the broker offering you, unlike others, to help you sell your home as quickly as possible, with the least amount of fuss and the most amount of money?
  • Make a thorough and objective assessment of brokers answers and choose the one that will be able to do the best job for you.

Our action plan

Phone Interview

This conversation has for objective to gather all relevant information to prepare for the meeting and the assessment of your property.

Market Value Assessment

We evaluate the market value of your property using the latest properties sold in your area. We also take into account current trends, statistics and other competitors in the market.


We take the time it takes to answer all of your questions and give you our opinion in regards to selling your property.

Strategy implementation

Each property is unique, and the strategy we implement will be adapted to each situation. We will use, as necessary, various experts to help us. Professional photography, home staging, pre- inspection, evaluation and more.


We create, together with you, the listing description as to not overlook any details regarding the features and selling points of your home. We will then place the " For Sale " sign on your property.


We create an entire booklet, unique and tailored to your home.


We distribute for sale flyers to your neighbors and encourage them to talk about your property to their family and friends. In 90% of cases, when a buyer chooses a neighborhood it's because he heard about it from someone who lives there.

We also seek the help of active real estate brokers in your sector to offer your property to their serious buyers.

We target buyers and active investors from our database who are looking for properties that match your price range and your location.


We advertise your property in our direct marketing campaigns, emails and social medias.


We optimize the presence of your property on the web on several local and national real estate websites.

Day to day

We plan visits and open house days.


We provide a weekly report detailing the activities related to the sale of your property, the feedback from potential buyers and brokers who have visited your property as well as updates related to market trends in your sector.

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