Audrey Hammond Certified real estate broker

The A+ Real Estate Team

Audrey Hammond

Audrey Hammond

Certified real estate broker

Having worked in the real estate industry since 2005, Audrey is passionate about her profession. Her strong entrepreneurial skills pushed her to excel and taught her to see her work real estate broker from a new perspective.

As the team leader, she ensures the satisfaction of customers, the performance of brokers and manages the growth, innovation and marketing for the team. You may not always see her, but know that she is constantly working to help you achieve your goals.

Always a go-getter, she will stop at nothing to ensure that each transaction is a success across the board. She is not afraid to try new approaches to stand out, and she continually seeks to improve herself by attending professional formations in order to be able to excel and provide the best possible service.

Over the years, Audrey has partnered with several professionals, all able to make a difference and help you realize your projects. The secret of Audrey success is trust. It is essential for her to be working in a collaborative and enjoyable environment.

Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan

Real estate broker

Sean is reliable, dedicated and very versatile. Calm by nature, he began his real estate career in 2012 after working in sales and customer service.

Perfectly bilingual, Sean developed his capacity for analysis, synthesis and negotiation in recent years. He has at heart the satisfaction of the people he works with, both clients and team members, and he will know how to make you feel at ease throughout the process of buying or selling.

He is always attuned to your needs, and can meet your expectations very quickly. Sean makes it a point to be available at all times for the families he helps in their real estate projects, whether for the assessment of a property, a sale, a lease or even a simple advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

Daniela Muscalu

Courtière immobilière

Real Estate Broker since 2002, Daniela, in all her qualities, is an efficient and insightful woman. She has proven herself over the years, unbeatable in all negotiations. With her experience, she is always at the forefront of trends. She is not afraid to go outside, in good or bad weather, and knock on has many doors has necessary to find the home of your dreams or the ideal buyer for your property.

Yanick Tremblay

Yanick Tremblay

Photography's director

After doing business with us for the sale of his condo, Yanick loved our energy and immediately joined the team. Since then, each of his meetings with our vendors have been fantastic. He has the attention to detail and always takes the time to ensure that your property will be presented in its best light. Whether he is photographing a condo or a house, he always succeeds in doing an impeccable work. His energy and commitment allow him to create stunning photos. By combining his talent as a photographer with the work of our brokers, our transactions are always end successfully.